"Sensitive, Respectful Service at Your Time of Loss"

1466 South Wenatchee Avenue/P.O. Box 4765, Wenatchee, WA  98801 - 509.664.2963 -

 Services Offered

We will personalize our service to your needs. Just as each pet is different, we want to ensure that your pet's final journey

is as personalized and special as your years spent together.

Private Cremation Service

Included in the service fee are the following:

  •  Pickup in the Greater Wenatchee area (25 miles)
  •   Private cremation onsite at our facility
  •  Placement of cremains into a heavy, white cardboard container with velvet bag
  •  Timely delivery to you

A hinged wooden box with an inscribed metal nameplate is available for an additional fee. You can, also, provide the vessel in which you would like the cremains placed. We ensure that the remains are solely those of your beloved pet by utilizing an indentification system throughout the entire process.

 We are happy to extend our services beyond the Greater Wenatchee area, by offering out of town pickup. (There is an additional fee for having us pick up and return outside the Greater Wenatchee area). Please call us at 509.664.2963 to arrange this service. You may wish to bring your pet to us and pick up when completed. If you use this option, please call to make an appointment for drop-off so we can ensure we are ready when you arrive.

Group Cremation Service

Included in the service fee are the following:

  • Pickup in the Greater Wenatchee area (25 miles)
  • Group cremation
  • Scattering of cremains

Price for Services

Prices are dependent on the services requested and the size of your pet. Please email or call us, or, speak with your veterinarian who will be able to provide you with the appropriate price for services.